How to Make Your Homepage Actually Convert

Your homepage is one of your best tools for driving conversions. When someone searches for a niche keyword and your page shows up, you can rightfully expect conversions. But unfortunately, that’s not usually how it works: According to AdRoll, 98% of your first-time site visitors won’t convert on your homepage. …

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How to Identify High-Quality Guest Blogging Opportunities by @MaddyOsman

Although Google’s former Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts declared guest blogging “dead” in 2014, it’s honestly more alive than ever today. Modern marketers understand the benefits of using guest blogging to accomplish business goals. These benefits include things like: Reaching a new (usually highly targeted) audience. Building authority in your field. Increasing …

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Do you need a PPC management expert?

The eternal question for businesses both large and small: should you run your marketing in-house, or should you hire an expert? There are numerous factors to take into account including level of expertise, the complexity of the campaign, existing internal resources and the management fee of said expert. We’ll come …

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